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Little Kimble Church

The beautiful fourteenth century paintings adorning the walls of All Saints’ Church Little Kimble, are found principally in the nave, but traces of paint found on the chancel walls suggest that the entire church was once painted.Initially, Hirst Conservation undertook a condition survey and deterioration assessment of the wall paintings, where the deteriogens acting upon the building fabric of the church were also considered, through moisture and salt assessments. Based on the findings of our investigations, we devised a comprehensive treatment programme, which we were asked to undertake in 2010.

In order to stabilise the wall paintings, cementitious renders to the surrounding walls were removed and replaced with traditional lime plaster, so as to increase porosity and to promote free-drying rather than at the surface of the painting. These areas were then limewashed to integrate with the surrounding. Remedial conservation works to the wall paintings included consolidation of flaking paint and unstable plaster, light surface cleaning and plaster repairs. These works further stabilised the paintings and also aided legibility.