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Architectural conservation

Understanding and stabilising environmental conditions within a building is a powerful means of decelerating the decay of both the fabric and its contents.

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The analysis, repair and cleaning of all types of stone objects ranging from intricate stone carving and sculpture to architectural masonry in materials such as marble, alabaster and limestone.

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Wall paintings

The recording, analysis and conservation of wallpaintings from the Middle Ages to the 19th Century, in various techniques from ‘true frescos’ to oil paintings executed on plaster.

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Easel paintings

The conservation and restoration of paintings in an oil, acrylic or tempera medium, on canvas, wood or metal supports.

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Architectural paint research is a fascinating field; using archival data and the physical evidence of decoration, skilled interpretation can provide an illustrated history of a building.

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Historic interiors

Expertise in multiple aspects of building conservation and technical analysis enables Hirst Conservation to provide a complete and professional service for the cleaning of historic buildings.

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Monuments & sculptures

The conservation of memorials and monuments, both internal and external, ranging from large scale monuments and statues to small memorial plaques, in materials such as bronze, brass, cement, stone, terracotta and ceramics.

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Decoration & gilding

The surveying and treatment of decorative and figurative gilded and painted surfaces found, for example, in historic homes and churches.

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