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The Assembly Rooms, Grimsby

Grimsby Town Hall (Grade II listed) was constructed in 1863 with modifications into its present form completed in 1888 when its uses included a Police Station and Magistrates’ court, complete with cells (now converted into a Museum).

The Assembly Room has a history of rich decoration, as discovered during our programme of architectural paint research, that identified several significant and highly decorative schemes.

The research was based on sample analysis and supported by archival research which enabled interpretation of the schemes through the development of the space.

After the discussing the results of the architectural paint research, the client was interested to understand the appearance of the space as it would have appeared when the Art Deco lanterns were introduced into the room in the 1930’s. We therefore used the information gleaned through the analysis and informed uncovering to digitally reconstruct the scheme.

In 2015 Hirst were invited to undertake the work of recreating this historic scheme.

A panel was exposed (above left) and laser cut stencils were produced from tracings taken of the exposed decoration; the designs to the frieze and pilasters were recreated in modern paints and gold leaf.

Further works included gilding to the doors, balustrade, capitals and cornice as well as the recreation of a gilded dado border.