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Monument & sculpture



At Hirst Conservation we also undertake the conservation of memorials and monuments, both internal and external, ranging from large scale monuments and statues to small memorial plaques, in materials such as bronze, brass, cement, stone, terracotta and ceramics.

The services offered for the treatment of monuments include:

  • Providing condition assessment, consultancy, survey and feasibility studies to advise clients
  • Consolidating delaminating layers
  • Cleaning (see relevant specialism i.e. metal or stone for more detailed information)
  • Repairing or replicating missing elements
  • Dismantling, rebuilding and relocating monuments and statues
  • Designing bespoke fittings in non-ferrous materials for relocation/ re-fixing
  • Consultancy/supervision on large scale contracts

Casing of objects for transport:

We also specialise in the bespoke casing and packing of paintings, sculpture and monuments for transportation and/or storage prior to relocation or reinstallation.

Packaging is carried out using conservation grade materials, where appropriate, and takes into account the individual requirements of the object. Standard cases provide basic protection from mechanical impact and protection from shock and abrasion. The cases themselves can facilitate lifting and handling. Hirst Conservation also fabricates cases to museum-grade specification, which buffer against changes in the environment during transportation and contain additional suspension systems to further reduce damage associated with vibration.

Some of our projects include:

  • Wembley National Stadium – Removal for relocation and conservation of large historic, sporting artefacts, including the Olympic tablets and 1966 World Cup plaque
  • Queen Victoria Statue, Wakefield – Relocation and treatment of bronze sculpture and granite plinth
  • St Mary’s Church, Ealing – Condition survey, cleaning, repair, dismantling and relocation of 70 monuments
  • Margam Abbey, Diocese of Llandaff – Cleaned, repaired and retouched alabaster tomb chests and wall monuments.
  • St Michael’s, Well and Snape – Dismantling, removal of ferrous cramps, installation of DPC and new brick core and rebuilt in same location.
  • St Mary’s Church, Hinckley – Dismantling, cleaning, repair and re-fixing of wall mounted memorial in new location within the church.