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07 Sep


Trent Bridge – A Shining Example of Gothic Revival Architecture

September 7, 2020 | By |

Not even intense wind gust speeds and scorching temperatures could keep the team from transforming this wonderful bridge back to its former glory. We were very excited to take on the Trent Bridge rehabilitation project in Nottingham and absolutely delighted with the end result.

Our conservators enjoyed much of their summer working on the rehabilitation project for Nottingham City Council. The bridge is a Grade II listed bridge located in Nottingham, spanning across the River Trent. The project required specialist maintenance work in order to preserve this cast-iron, steel and stone structure whilst also restoring its aesthetic value, which was carried out by Hirst Conservation working in partnership with rehabilitation specialists Cleveland Bridge. The project comprised of reapplication of paint to the metal surfaces, intricate painting of the many detailed rosettes as well as the application of gold leaf to the cornice and ornamental roundels. All of which was carried out from complex scaffolding erected over the sides of the bridge, above the water.

The rosettes adorn both sides of the balustrade and appear along the entire length of the bridge. Varied in design with different colour schemes, our experienced team carried out the detailed artwork of these charming centre pieces. The gilding aspect was especially challenging with the high winds we experienced in August, but the outcome was extremely rewarding. Best appreciated from a view from the river embankment, the gilding glistens beautifully in the sunlight. The project was successfully completed in early September and now Nottingham shines a little brighter with this local landmark.