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30 Nov


From Devastation to Conservation, St John the Baptist church, Royston

November 30, 2020 | By |

Fire is the most destructive threat any historic building faces. What the flames do not destroy is all too often ravaged by the water used to extinguish it, and smoke and moisture damage can spread far beyond the fire itself. Treatment of fire damaged stone, plaster, painted surfaces and indeed paintings, furniture and personal belongings is therefore an all-too-common necessity. Conservation of very deeply charred timber and particularly degraded linseed putty is, however, more unusual.

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05 Oct


A Little Gem – Wall Painting Fragment at Choir House 12, College Cloisters, Hereford Cathedral

October 5, 2020 | By |

Although fragmented and faded, the remains of a wall painting within the Choir House no. 12 provide a glimpse into the past and let us imagine the splendour once hidden behind the doors of this building.

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