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Easel paintings



Hirst Conservation Ltd specialises in the conservation and restoration of paintings in an oil, acrylic or tempera medium, on canvas, wood or metal supports. Our clients include museums, public art collections, churches and private clients. Our team of experienced easel paintings conservators have all trained to postgraduate level, some of whom have achieved professional accredited status. Our easel paintings studio is secure and well equipped.

The services offered for the treatment of easel paintings include:

  • Consolidation of flaking paint;
  • Removal of surface coatings, including dirt, yellowed varnish, and non-original overpaint;
  • Filling of losses;
  • Reintegration of losses and application of protective varnish;
  • Mending of tears and holes and correction of deformations in the canvas;
  • Lining (full or strip) and stretcher bar lining;
  • Treatment of frames including: surface cleaning; replacement of missing moulding; regiliding and patination; adaptation of frame to create a safer environment for the painting, including lining rebates, fitting of backboards and installation of non-reflective, UV filtering museum standard glazing;
  • Collections surveys for museums and galleries, including recommendations for emergency treatment and loan suitability;
  • Surveys and recommendations for suitable storage of easel paintings, including appropriate environmental conditions;
  • Protection and packing of easel paintings for transit.

Some of our projects include:

  • Usher Gallery and The Collection, Lincoln: Conservation of numerous easel paintings for exhibition, including paintings by LS Lowry, Sir Terry Frost and Peter de Wint;
  • Private client: Conservation of ‘A Gleaner’ by Sir George Clausen, c1901;
  • Beverley Minster: Conservation of three 17th century panel paintings;
  • Society of Antiquaries, London: Examining and monitoring seven 15th and 16th century panel paintings in a travelling exhibition ‘Making History: 300 Years of Antiquaries’;
  • Retford Town Hall: Conservation of fourteen paintings dating from the 18th and 19th centuries;
  • Castle Howard, North Yorkshire: Conservation of 18th century fresco secco by Pellegrini;
  • Cusworth Hall, Doncaster: Conservation of marouflaged ceiling painting by Francis Heyman.