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Stone, terracotta and other building surfaces



Hirst Conservation undertakes the analysis, consolidation, repair and cleaning of all types of stone, terracotta and architectural ceramics ranging from intricate stone carving and sculpture to architectural masonry in materials such as marble, alabaster and limestone. We also offer a variety of specialist cleaning processes for the removal of dirt, pollution, graffiti, surface fire damage or inappropriate modern paint systems from historic fabric. Expertise in multiple aspects of building conservation and technical analysis enables us to provide a complete and professional service for the cleaning and conservation of historic buildings.

The services offered include:

  • Cleaning stonework, including the use of chemical, reagent or steam methods, micro air abrasive techniques, laser cleaning, the application of biocides and poulticing;
  • Consolidation of stonework by impregnation, grouting and filleting;
  • Pinning of loose or broken elements and mortar repairs to missing areas;
  • Application of protective shelter coatings;
  • Consultancy, survey and feasibility studies to advise clients, including comprehensive condition surveys and photographic and diagrammatic recording;
  • Discrete sampling to determine soluble salt content, hygroscopicity, lithology and petrology; measurement of moisture levels within stonework; environmental recording;
  • Use of Doff, Krake and Jos cleaning systems;
  • Controlled paint removal;
  • Remedial conservation treatments to mosaics and tiles including: structural consolidation of substrate; consolidation and/or replacement of grout and bedding mortar; replacement of missing tesserae; cleaning.

Some of our projects include:

  • Ripon Cathedral: Conservation of 13th century gargoyles and 12th century portal, including cleaning, pinning, grouting, consolidation and mortar repairs;
  • Bishopthorpe Palace, York: Paint, mortar and stone analysis, consolidation and repair of stonework, paint removal and shelter-coating of carved stonework to porch;
  • Windsor Castle: Conservation of fire damaged stonework;
  • London, Hampton Court Palace: Specialist building repair to include brickwork conservation and replacement, stone conservation, grouting and consultancy.
  • No 1 Poultry, London: Terracotta conservation;
  • RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon: Surface cleaning of internal and external finishes, utilising various cleaning techniques;
  • Royal Society of Arts, 8 John Adam Street: conservation of mosaic to staircase;
  • Grove Street, Retford: Cleaning, sourcing and replacing missing smalti tesserae, re-setting loose tesserae, grouting, running new moulded surround to an exterior wall mounted mosaic;
  • Wembley National Stadium: Removal for relocation and conservation of the large Olympic tablets (4 tonnes each) constructed of ceramic tiles and raised brass lettering;
  • Queens’ College, Cambridge: Conservation of the chimneypiece by G.F. Bodley. The hand painted tiles were made to the designs of Burne-Jones, Morris, Madox Brown and Rossetti.